Romance is a sense of humor between two People. It's digging your hands into the dirt in your garden. It's memory of when children were young. It's walking and looking at a place that for some reason renews memories. It's cutting garlic together. A conversation about a movie that you didn't see together but can both remember where you were when the movie came out. I asked the young people I work with  what they thought romance was. Not one of them knew what I was talking about. I wondered what will happen to them. All their education. Will they ever experience anything the way we did. Sure it was a simpler time. Was it a better time? I know all generations believe their time to be better. I honestly believe this world, our world has become so unromantic. Dating sites instead of natural meetings. People so afraid of each other instead of reaching out and helping. Women having no interest in raising their own children because they want to be out in the world. Is it evolution or the destruction of the soul? I myself remember being happy with a cup of coffee and a conversation. When did we become so complicated? It seems the more complicated the more unhappy a species we are. You see I  happen to be a hopeless romantic. The smells, the sounds, ........

the Menopausal chef.

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